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  • Which type of cables are compatible with Retroduck?

    Retroduck is optimized to iPhone's proprietary lightning cables. Any third-party cable that meets this standard is compatible.

  • Is Retroduck waterproof?

    Immersing Retroduck in water or using it in an environment that continuously exposes it to water is not recommended.

  • Which type of smartphones are compatible with Retroduck?

    A total of two sizes are available to accommodate the following: iPhone 6 and 6s / iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 / iPhone 6+ and 6s+ / iPhone 7+ / iPhone 8 +

  • Is Retroduck compatible with Android phones like Samsung's Galaxy models?

    Retroduck is currently compatible only with Apple's iPhone models. We are planning to launch models that will be compatible with various Android phones in the near future. Thank you for your patience!

  • How do I clean Retroduck?

    Wet a piece of cloth with warm water and lightly rub the soiled area. Do NOT use detergents that contain acetone or alcohol.

  • Do I have to remove my smartphone case cover in order to use Retroduck?

    Retroduck allows thin cases up to 1.2 mm thick. However, for the optimal user experience, we recommend to use Retroduck without a case. The thicker the iPhone case, the mobile phone screen and the retroduck screen do not fit, so you can not have the perfe

  • What is included in the standard product package?

    Retroduck's main body, antenna and legs are included.

  • Is a charging cable included?

    No, the product does not include a charging cable.

  • Does Retroduck come with an internal battery?

    No, the product does not include an internal battery.

  • Is there a built-in speaker?

    No. However, Retroduck has been designed with canals that evenly channel audio to the front and back of the device for optimal sounds.

  • What are Retroduck's exact dimensions and weight?

    Retroduck's main frame is 165 mm by 110 mm, while it is 75 mm high (with legs). Alone (i.e. without a smartphone inserted), it weighs approximately 380 grams.

  • After I download the open source accessory modules, can I produce accessories for commercial purposes?

    Retroduck's accessory modules are open-source, available for anyone to download and produce on any 3D printer. What you decide to do with this information is up to you.

  • Why are the various additional accessories order-made with 3D printing technology?

    The new Retroduck that we are launching now inherited its 3D-printed DNA from its predecessor, which was born with the aim to overcome the limitations mass-produced products have in offering diversity. With revolutionaly digital manufacturing technology,

  • Is it possible to exchange or refund the product?

    If the seal attached to the product is opened or damaged, it can not be exchanged or refunded. Please check your reward selection again!